Holiday Hams

 Heating Your Wellshire All Natural Ham

This holiday season, spend time with family, not the kitchen!

Here’s what you need to know about heating your Wellshire All Natural Ham!

Do I need to cook my ham?

No! Your Wellshire All Natural Ham is fully cooked and requires no cooking.

How do I warm my ham?

If you prefer to warm your ham, remove all packaging and place in a pan with ¼ inch of water and cover with foil to retain moisture. Heat at 325 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees (typically about 7-8 minutes per pound). You can check the internal temperature by using a standard meat thermometer. *Overheating can dry out the ham.

Can I freeze my ham?

Yes! You can freeze your ham (and all Wellshire products) for up to 6 months!

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Heating Your Wellshire Ham


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